Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today's Links

Sweet Free Stuff website with free samples that you can sign up for:  <>.

There is a P&G coupon insert in this weekend's newspapers.  Preview here:  <>.  Locally, it's in both the Saturday Times-Mail and the Sunday Herald-Times.

Link for coupon to save $1 when you buy both Sugar Free Jell-O and Sugar Free Cool Whip (from Kraft Diabetes Center e-mail):  <>.  (Bricks coupon, so print twice!)

Sign up for Kraft e-mails with occasional coupons here:  <>.

Link for Red Lobster e-mail sign-up:  <>.  Has occasional coupons and birthday special.

Through June 30th, Bounce is giving away a FREE Dryer Bar ($4.99 value) for 750 lucky winners each week when you “like” them on Facebook, then click the ‘Dryer Bar Giveaway’ (from Coupon Pro Blog):  <>.

Link to coupon for $7 off Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Starter Kit with sign-up (from Scrubbing Bubbles e-mail):  <>. (Bricks coupon, so print twice!)

Sign up for Scrubbing Bubbles e-mails with occasional coupons:  <>.

That's it for today.  Enjoy!

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