Friday, July 1, 2011

Today's Links

Link for $1 off coupon for Dove Go Sleeveless Deodorant coupon:  <>.

Go to Captain D's Facebook page, like it, and go to "Special Offer" tab on left for coupon for free sandwich with purchase of a medium drink and any side:  <>. (from Captain D's e-mail)

Sign up for Captain D's e-mails with coupons sometimes at:  <>.  Also get a coupon for a free Fish & Fries when you sign up and I think a coupon for your birthday too.

Sign up for the Blizzard Fan Club from Dairy Queen before July 13th and get one buy one, get one free Blizzard coupon for joining and a second coupon on July 13th when everyone who has already joined (like myself) gets one:  <>.

Get coupon for $1.50 off on Wanchai Ferry (coupon link on right near bottom):  <>.

Link for coupon for $0.75 off Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Foil:  <>. (from Reynolds e-mail)

Sign up for e-mail with some coupons from Reynolds:  <>.

Go to Facebook and Like Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing to get a $1 off coupon:  <> (from Sweet Free Stuff).

Sign up for coupon for $5 off coupon at Outback (Get coupon by e-mail):  <>.  (from Krazy Coupon Lady blog)

Link for new KFC coupons for July:  <>. (from Krazy Coupon Lady blog)

Link for Long John Silvers coupons:  <>. (from Krazy Coupon Lady blog)

Links for more restaurant coupons from Krazy Coupon Lady:  <>.

Link for more printable coupons from Krazy Coupon Lady:  <>.

This is all for today probably.  Enjoy and have a great weekend! :)

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